Saturday, February 2, 2013

The New Era of Parenting Multiples

Its a new year and I have been reflecting on the growth of the Parenting Multiples facebook community. When I started PM in October 2011 I didn't expect much from it. I was just coming out of the shadows of postpartum depression and feeling disconnected from the multiples world. I needed to connect with some other parents and start bonding with my babies with the help of community. The group was slow to grow at first, crawling from 11 members to about 100 where it hovered for many months. I was content with 100 members, the page was a pleasant hobby for me and gave me a sense of purpose. Well today that community has grown to over 1,100 members! And is very active with between 450 - 800 members communicating on it each week.

Which brings me to a new conundrum. This page has outgrown me, its so successful I'm unable to keep up with comments, questions, and posts. I am now a healthy, well connected mother of twins, the page has completely filled my personal reasons for creating it. I was toying with the idea of shutting it down, but I often get messages in my inbox from parents sharing their struggles or celebrations with me. Parents thankful that PM exists. It warms my heart and my passion for PM has grown with each additional parent, grandparent, godparent, friend, twin, triplet, who've clicked the "like" button. Each seeking to ask questions and share their woes and joys, advice and photos. Each looking for community. PM has changed my parenting style, my life, my career, and ultimately filled my heart to overflowing. And I hope that it continues to do the same for every person who scrolls through the wall each day.

So that brings me to an exciting announcement! I have added a new admin to the page. In order to keep the "doors" to Parenting Multiples open I need some help. Triplet mama Bridget Ilardo Williams has always been an encouraging presence in the PM community and I'm excited to partner up with her.. Please join me in welcoming her:
1) Introduce yourself and where are you from?
My name is Bridget Williams, and I am from Buffalo. NY.
2) Tell us about your multiples, how many, what age, etc.? Do you have other children as well?
On Nov 5, 2009 I was blessed to bring 3 healthy babies into the world. Their names are Zaria Rose, Ezra Charles, and Eli Gabriel. They are my only children, however, I would love to have one more.
3) Whats your favourite part in being a mom to multiples?
Favorite part - Of course all the extra hugs and kisses. :) Also watching them play together and interact, bonding in the special way that multiples do.
4) Whats the most challenging part for you right now?
The most challenging part right now, is if they are tried, sick, or just cranky for whatever reason, and all needing me at once.
5) How do you keep sane?
One thing that helps keep me sane, is realizing that they will not be little forever, and I might as well enjoy whatever stage we are in at the moment. If we do happen to have a rough day though, sometimes I will leave to go shopping for an hour or two when hubby gets home. It helps so much to step away from the situation for a bit, and I almost always come back feeling much better. :)
6) What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Parenting Multiple's community?
I think my favorite part might be seeing all the adorable pictures! There is just something extra specially cute about multiples, not that I am biased at all or anything. ;)
7) What are you looking forward to as an admin to this page?
I am looking forward to more interaction with the community members, offering encouragement and advice whenever it is needed.

New admin Bridget Williams, her husband Jeff, and their 3yr old fraternal triplets, Zaria, Ezra, & Eli

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