Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gentle Caesarean

While it is possible to give birth to multiples vaginally (and I recommend MoMs are given this chance by their care providers) many MoMs have their babies by Caesarean. Just because you have a planned cesarean doesn't mean that you don't get to have a "birth plan". There are many things you can do to make your Caesarean Birth special and baby friendly. Its called a Gentle Caesarean.
Here are a few suggestions to personalize your babies' birth (Of course if there is an emergency some of these can't happen):

Get a mani & pedi done beforehand - all mamas deserve to feel beautiful while birthing
Bring your own music to play in the OR
Ask not to have your arms tied down
Ask to have a doula at your side - she can be your birth photographer and explain whats happening, so Dad can hold your hand and enjoy the experience.
Ask for delayed cord cutting and for your partner to cut the cord
Ask for a mirror to see the birth or that the drape be lowered
Sing Happy Birthday when your Little Ones are born
If your babies are well ask to hold them skin to skin
Yes, with some help from your doula/partner you can even nurse laying flat on the OR table
Talk to the anesthesiologist beforehand about medication options, doses, and side effects so you are prepared and understand whats happening to your body
Have a lactation consultant teach you breastfeeding positions that are easier on your body post surgery
Organize postpartum care: friends, family, and a postpartum doula can drop off food, do your dishes, and allow you time to shower and nap each day

Get creative, this is the day your children are born and it should be celebrated! Caesarean birth is still birth, and while its not everyone's first choice, it can be beautiful.

Did you have a Caesarean birth? How did you make it your own?